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I.V.Set Premium
Measured Volume Set
Blood Transfusion Set
Hypodermic Needles
Urine Bags
SAFTI Ultra guard Infusion Set
SAFTI Ultra Guard Infusion Set

The I.V. Set is incorporated with a filtration device imported from the US based pall Corporation, the largest and most diverse filtration, separation and purification company in the world. Thus, providing an I.V. kit that is many folds
safer and easy to use.
Imported 0.2micro m IV in-line filter
Dual filtration system – primary filtration to eliminate particles and secondary filtration to eliminate entrapped air and bacteria and fungi.
No DEHP tubing and drip chamber
Latex Free
Strong & Sharp ABS spike for easy piercing
Imported hydrophobic 0.2micro m bacteria retentive air filter with snap cap
Strong hanging holder
Dual purpose usability, i.e. for collapsible bottle and for glass bottle
Transparent drip chamber for better monitoring of drip rate and easy priming.
Extra soft kink free PVC tubing compatible with infusion pumps of all makes
Specially designed roller clamp for holding the tube
“ Y “ Injection site
“ Luer Lock “ provided for perfect locking with 3 way stop-cock , IV Cannulas and extension lines

With 50 years of industrial experience in agro products, concrete products, aqua culture, tourism and hospitality, Sangam Health Care Products is the group's first foray into health care. All with a dream to open a new chapter in disposables and provide a product that matches international standards. In Sangam Health Care, the Group intends to create a new meeting point. A "Sangam" of quality and product. Innovation and ingenuity, health and happiness. After all, that's what you are looking for. And that's the final diagnosis.

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